My name is Kevin Boyle founder of Surrey Science Tutors

My aim is to provide high quality individual tuition in Science and Maths for students at KS3, GCSE (iGCSE) and A-level. College and University students are welcome too upon request. I work with a small highly qualified group of tutors who share a passion for education and their subject.

My Background and philosophy

My expertise is within the science sector. I have a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry both from Edinburgh University plus a Masters in Biomedical Science from Imperial College. I am also a member of The Tutors Association.

I have worked as a Chemistry tutor for 10 years in Surrey and parents often ask me to personally recommend tutors in other subjects, particularly A-Level Biology, Physics and Maths. This was my motivation for starting Surrey Science Tutors.

I firmly believe that a tutor should be an expert in his or her field and tutor only in that specific subject, particularly at A-level and above. This way the tutors get to know each syllabus inside out and can prepare the student 100% for the exam.

It also ensures value for money, which is a commitment I want to make, as in the past I have worked for tutoring agencies and I did not agree with their way of working or the very high fees that they charge.

Best wishes | Kevin